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Coverage Options Available For Lingerie Stores

When operating a lingerie store, getting business insurance coverage to protect your store should be top priority.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects your business from financial strife of customer's legal or medical costs for injuries while on your business’s property. This will cover your legal defense and the costs associated with the loss if you are found liable, up to your policy limits.

Property Damage

Property damage, whether it is from fire, extreme weather conditions, or natural disasters, flood from severe rainstorm, property insurance would cover the cost of repairing or replacing your business-related property including structural damage to your building and the business materials you store there.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is required by law in most states of the US. If an employee is injured in a work related accident, workers compensation will pay for their medical care and recovery expenses. Your business will also not be responsible for the damages or sued by your employee.

Cyber Liability

If you have an online store for your lingerie shop, you should have cyber liability insurance coverage. This coverage ensures protection against internet-based crimes like stealing money or data, or falsifying payment information. You could lose money and your reputation from these crimes.

Crime Insurance

If you have a local brick-and-mortar lingerie store, your biggest risk is theft or shoplifting, as well as embezzlement or theft from employees. However you can protect potential crimes by getting a crime insurance coverage.

Commercial Auto

Vehicle used for business operation such as delivering or picking up supplies for lingerie stores should be covered by business auto insurance. Business auto insurance provides coverage against accidents, theft, or vandalism while using your vehicle for business purposes.

Why Lingerie Store Insurance?

Lingerie stores can be local stores or online stores, where the items are ordered online and shipped to the customer. Either way, you face a variety of risks by operating a lingerie store. Protect all of your risks by obtaining lingerie store insurance coverage.

Just like any other business, there are inherent risks associated with owning and operating a lingerie store. Though accidents and mishaps are probably the last thing you think of when you picture selling women's intimates, unexpected incidents can arise; after all, you are working with other people. Having the right insurance coverage can help your business grow and thrive.

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