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Coverage Options Available For Jewelry Business

When operating an jewelry store, getting business insurance coverage to protect your store should be top priority.

General Liability

General liability protects you from accidents a customer may have inside your retail store. To fully protect your business and your assets from the high costs of lawsuits and injuries brought on by customers, you need to have comprehensive general liability coverage.

Commercial Property

If something were to happen that destroyed your stocking inventory, like a major fire, it would be extremely costly to replace. This coverage would help to pay for such replacements. Other than the jewelry itself, covered property also includes décor, display cases, signage, machinery, cash registers and computers.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is required by law in most states of the US and this coverage takes care of your employees. If one of your employees is injured performing a work-related task and requires medical care, workers’ comp insurance coverage would pay for it.

Jewelers Block Insurance

Jewelers block insurance, also referred to as jewelers standard insurance, is a policy package designed specifically for jewelry store owners. It can supplement your commercial insurance policy by providing the necessary coverage that traditional policies will not.

Crime Insurance

Crime insurance coverage is designed to protect your jewelry business if you are the victim of criminal activity—whether the criminal activity is performed by your employee or by someone not associated with your business.

Equipment Breakdown

Many jewelry shops have a lot of expensive machinery used for such things as creating jewelry, cleaning jewelry and engraving. This insurance provides coverage for necessary repairs if your machinery breaks down.

Why Jewelry Store Insurance?

If you own a jewelry store, you will want to be sure to protect your valuable inventory as well as the investment you have made in your business by getting a suitable business insurance coverage option. Opening a jewelry store comes with inherent risks. When you're insured these risks are minimized.

As the owner of a jewelry business, you have a lot of assets to protect. All stores need to protect their stock, but few have items worth as much money as a jewelry store. In addition to protecting the business assets, you need to have small business insurance to cover the costs of accidents that occur on the premises.

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