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Coverage Options Available For Excavators Insurance

These effective coverage options can safeguard against huge financial losses in the event of an accident.

Bodily Injury

Excavation contractor general liability insurance pays for bodily injuries when they’re caused because of something your company or one of its workers did. It also protects you when legal allegations are made that your company is not at fault for.

Property Damage

Excavation contractor liability insurance protects you when property gets damaged as well. Whether your equipment operator cuts a power line or the power coincidentally goes off around the same time your operator is working in the area, your company may be legally sued for the costs associated with making repairs.

Products & Completed Operations

Excavation contractor liability insurance helps pay for the costs to retain an attorney if you’re sued for advertising or personal injury related reasons. Personal injury lawsuits generally accuse you or your company of causing damage to another person’s reputation.

Personal & Advertising Injury

This would allow you coverage for damage to your building, inventory, or equipment. We are here to make sure you have replacement cost coverage on property so that you would be able to repair or replace these items for today’s cost.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Excavation contractor general liability insurance provides assurances to the owners of property that your company rents or leases for business use. If your company is found to be responsible for damages such as holes in the wall or gouges in the asphalt in the equipment yard, you are well covered for the necessary repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

Minor accidents often cause injuries that require basic, inexpensive medical treatment. When these events occur, you can offer recompense without having to admit to being at fault. This allows the injured party to receive treatment at no cost to themselves, and often thwarts additional legal or medical expenses in the future.

Why Excavators Insurance?

The Construction & Excavation Industry presents a diverse range of risks which are complex and very hazardous. It is important that you work with an insurance advisor that has expertise in the construction industry and will take the time to understand your specific business activities.

If you are an independent excavation contractor or own a business that does excavation work, you will want to be sure to protect your business’s financial interests with a suitable excavation insurance coverage.

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Running an excavation work without insurance is taking a mighty huge risk. Our broad, tailored coverage options and enhancements are based on our deep knowledge and experience in the excavation industry insurances, and specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers.

At Business Insurance Agency, we will take the time to get to know your business and assess the risks involved in your business, and can assist you with the right coverage options you need at an affordable price.

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