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Coverage Options Available For Computer Repair Business

These coverage options can protect you, your employees and your business.

General Liability

General liability insurance offers broad protection for a variety of liability risks that your business is exposed to, from customer slips and falls to claims of advertising liability, slander, libel and more. This policy covers basic computer repair risks, such as an employee spilling coffee on a client’s laptop.

Professional Liability

This policy, also called errors and omissions insurance, covers lawsuits related to your work, such as a client who sues because you failed to fix his computer by a deadline.

Property Damage

Business property insurance protects not only your building but also your own computer systems, parts inventory, tools and other equipment that you use in your operations.

Commercial Auto

If your business owns vehicles, or you, or your employees drive personal vehicles for business use, you need commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance covers your business autos just like your personal auto insurance covers your personal vehicles.

Crime Coverage

Employee theft and crime coverage protects you from instances of employee theft, fraud or other crimes against your business.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is required in almost every state for computer repair businesses with employees. It can cover medical fees for work-related injuries.

Why Computer Repair Business Insurance?

As a computer repair and installation specialist, you have an analyst's eye and a knack for problem solving. From general computer repairs, cleaning, and software upgrades to data recovery, virus removal, and network installations, your clients turn to your company and trust you with their most sensitive information.

Computer repair and installation experts know that the stakes are high. One mistake in your work and a client's important data could be compromised. That could quickly escalate into a lawsuit against your business. If their media devices are damaged while in your care, you could be liable for those costs, too. Computer repair insurance protects against lawsuits from dissatisfied clients that claim you caused them financial loses.

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Running a computer service or repair business without insurance is taking a mighty huge risk. Our broad, tailored coverage options and enhancements are based on our deep knowledge and experience in the computer service or repair insurances, and specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers.

At Business Insurance Agency, we will take the time to get to know your business and assess the risks involved in your business, and can assist you with the right coverage options you need at an affordable price.

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