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Coverage Options Available For Clothing Business

When running a clothing business, getting business insurance coverage to protect your store should be top priority.

General Liability

Your clothing store is at risk for liabilities, including a customer sustaining a bodily injury or property damage at your store premises. For cases similar, your business can be sued for damages. General liability covers these types of risks and medical or liability expenses associated with customer's injuries.

Property Damage

Any store is vulnerable to property damage, whether it is from fire, extreme weather conditions, or natural disasters, flood from severe rainstorm which can heavily affect business finances. Property insurance covers the cost of replacing damaged merchandise and repairing your store’s foundation.

Workers Compensation

If an employee is injured in a work related accident, workers compensation will pay for their medical care and recovery expenses. Your business will also not be responsible for the damages or sued by your employee.

Commercial Auto

Picking up apparel items or supplies for your store are business operations, and the vehicle used should be covered by business auto insurance. Business auto insurance provides coverage against accidents, theft, or vandalism while using your vehicle for business purposes.

Crime Insurance

Losses caused by theft of merchandise or money stolen from employees right out of the cash register can cause severe financial restraints. Help your business cover these types of losses, in addition to shoplifting losses, by obtaining crime insurance.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown offers you financial protection and assistance with repairing or replacing equipment that has broken down, such as your cash register. The next time a register breaks down and needs repairs, you’ll also have insurance for any business lost during this time.

Why Clothing Store Insurance?

The risks for a clothing store can be very wide because of the many different exposures involved with your business activities. Naturally you want to make your buyers happy and keep them as safe as you can while also protecting your business and keeping it profitable at the same time.

Clothing store businesses are vulnerable to shoplifting, theft, claims made by customers in the event that any damage or loss suffered can be attributed to the actions or negligence of the buyer/hirer. Obtaining clothing store insurance is essential for the protection of your finances, assets and the longevity of your business.

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