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Coverage Options Available For Bicycle Stores

When operating a bicycle store, getting business insurance coverage to protect your store should be top priority.

General Liability

It protects your customers while preventing your bicycle shop from suffering severe financial hardships when accidents happen. General Liability protects your small business from injury or damage caused by your employees or injury to 3rd parties while on your premises.

Premises Liability

If a customer gets injured while they’re in your bicycle store, premises liability will pay for the medical bills that arise due to those injuries. It also pays for the repair or replacement of personal property that is damaged at your business location as well.

Products Liability

When you sell products to your customers, there is always the slight chance that there will be a problem with the products sold. If defects or problems with products bring physical harm to your customers, or if they cause property damage for your customers, your products liability coverage can pay for repairs and injury-related bills.

Completed Operations

If the completed operations you provided in your bicycle shop cause harm to your customers later, they may sue you for damages. This coverage covers these damages as well as your legal defense fees, settlements and related expenses.

Commercial Auto

As a business owner, you need the same kinds of coverages for the car you use in your business as you do for a car used for personal purposes. While the major coverages are the same, a business auto policy differs from a personal auto policy in many technical respects.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability insurance is also referred to as Errors and Omissions insurance or E&O insurance. This insurance provides coverage in the event that a business is held legally liable for damages which are cause by your improper advice or negligence.

Why Bicycle Store Insurance?

The risks for a bicycle shop can be very wide because of the many different exposures involved with your business activities. Naturally you want to make your buyers happy and keep them as safe as you can while also protecting your business and keeping it profitable at the same time. With the right coverage options you can achieve these objectives.

Bicycle sell and service businesses are vulnerable to claims made by customers in the event that any damage or loss suffered can be attributed to the actions or negligence of the buyer/hirer. Obtaining bicycle store insurance coverage is essential for the protection of your finances and the longevity of your business.

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