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Coverage Options Available For Antique Store

When operating an antique store, getting business insurance coverage to protect your store should be top priority.

Business Property

Public liability insurance is important as it helps to protect you if a member of the public gets hurt or injured whilst on your premises.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation make sure you have your employee payroll split accordingly depending on their duties. Clerical Employees should be classified as such, just as salespersons should be classified as salespersons. Correctly classifying your employees can save you a lot of money.

General Liability

Protect your business if a customer is injured at your store premises. This coverage also offers protection if you are held responsible for any medical or liability expenses associated with their injuries and much more.

Crime Insurance

You should also protect your shop from various types of crimes like theft, vandalism and shoplifting. These crimes are properly protected with the help of a crime insurance coverage. Crime insurance covers instances of employee theft of business or client property, as well as losses resulting from a forgery.

Commercial Auto

You most likely use your own vehicle when visiting flea markets, auctions and estate sales to stock your antique store. Because of the frequent trips, you should get a business auto insurance coverage.

Cyber Liability

If you sell antiques from an online shop, experienced hackers might break into the best security measures, making it a considerable risk for your business. If they steal customer financial or personal information in the process, you are facing legal costs along with the loss of business income and reputation.

Why Antique Store Insurance?

As an antique store owner, you have some extensive business risks when owning and operating an antique shop, including shoplifting, theft and vandalism most of all. Since all of your merchandise is in a single location, risks like fire or flood could destroy all your items, therefore making it another big risk. Protect your business from these risks with antique store insurance coverage.

Without business insurance coverage for antique stores, what starts as a run-of-the-mill day can quickly become a firsthand nightmare in your secondhand store. You’re selling often one-of-a-kind, priceless and delicate objects; it’s important to protect them (and your finances) from damage.

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